photo of CAMP students at Sparrow hospital learning about the new program

A seven-week educational program offers individuals with migrant or seasonal farm work backgrounds a unique opportunity to begin an undergraduate program at MSU.
Migrant Student Services’ College Assistance Migrant Program (MSU CAMP), MSU’s College of Natural Science, and Sparrow Hospital have collaborated to develop a course that expose migrant and seasonal farmworker students to the health care arena. The purpose of this course is to expose CAMP students to the various career opportunities within the health care system. All CAMP students enrolled in the course are first year MSU students. The course allows students to intern at Sparrow Hospital and job shadow with various health care professionals on a weekly basis. This first-hand exposure allows students to see all of the different opportunities within health-related
careers. The concept of this course has been modeled after the course developed in collaboration with MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to explore career opportunities in the world of agriculture. We invite you to see the video and online publication linked to this document for more
information produced by Sparrow Hospital.