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Departure Survey

We understand that some students choose to take a break from their time at Michigan State University, attend a different institution to complete their college degree, or pursue other opportunities altogether. The goal of the departure survey is to understand why students are taking a break or leaving MSU, while also providing support in the transition away from, or back to, MSU.

Please complete the Undergraduate Departure Survey if:

  • You are planning to depart from Michigan State University temporarily, or
  • You are planning to transfer to a new institution, or
  • You do not plan to return to MSU.

Please do not complete the Undergraduate Departure Survey if:

  • You are a graduating senior, please take the Destination Survey, or
  • You were academically dismissed or recessed, or if you are on a student conduct or medical leave, or
  • You are completing a semester abroad, away, or via another university sponsored activity (e.g., internship, co-op), or
  • You are taking summer courses at another institution, or
  • You are a graduate or professional student.

Ready to take the Departure Survey?


Interested in a preview? View the survey before taking it here.

Taking a leave at your P.A.C.E.

Taking a leave from MSU can be filled with a lot of emotions and feelings. This guide by the Ruderman Family Foundation can help you to reflect and process your upcoming leave from, and subsequent return to, MSU: Taking A Leave of Absence: A Guide For College Students. The Care and Intervention Team is available to meet should you want to process any of the P.A.C.E. components.

Departure Checklist