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Mission, Vision & Values

Portrait photo of Mark LargentThrough our Undergraduate Learning Goals, we are committed to assisting you in developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will be valuable in any field, in any environment, at any time.  

We take a student-centric, systemic, and holistic view of the MSU student experience to continually improve our undergraduate programs, and a proactive approach to student advising and support to enable all students to succeed. The office is focused on closing the opportunity gaps between first-generation, low socioeconomic status, and underrepresented student groups and students from more privileged backgrounds.

We hope you find this website useful, as it is here to help you find all of the various resources you need to be successful in your time at MSU. 


Mark Largent, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and
Dean of Undergraduate Studies



Our values are a product of our history. MSU has always stood for excellence in innovation and education, responsibility to the community, and investment in the needs of others. As Spartans, we are proud of that commitment and have, in some cases, broadened it. The following are key Spartan values:

In every arenaacademically, socially, interpersonallySpartans act with integrity. Spartans recognize the value of intellectual work, represent themselves honestly, and prove their trustworthiness in their interactions.
MSU remains committed to educating students of all backgrounds from across Michigan and around the world. Undergraduates benefit from MSU’s focus on student learning including dedicated faculty and staff and diverse learning opportunities.
MSU is recognized as a leading research institution. Spartans pursue innovation, refine theories, inform practice, and work to address the needs of the community, state, nation, and world.
Continuing the land-grant tradition, MSU remains committed to the local community and the state of Michigan. Spartans engage local, state and global communities and find ways to serve.
MSU continues to be a leader in international partnerships and education abroad programs. Faculty and academic staff conduct research and develop partnerships around the world. Spartans learn abroad on every continent, and students from more than 130 countries enrich the campus community with their global perspectives.

Inclusion is a core value at Michigan State University. Our goal is for our students to engage with their fellow Spartans with an open mind and willingness to learn from one other.  The Diversity & Inclusion@MSU eLearning was developed to give a general overview of diversity and inclusion at MSU, an introduction to basic terms and concepts, and a sense of how students can engage with each other more deeply at MSU.  All undergraduate, first-year incoming students and transfer students are required to complete the eLearning, which takes 30-45 minutes.

We are reminded daily that as much effort as we put into building inclusive communities, our sense of progress can be dismantled by tragic events that target certain members of our society because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender, gender identity, and national origin.  Learn more about what we are doing to advance equity, diversity and inclusion here.  

  • Messages on Inclusive Community
  • Faculty Statement on Campus Climate, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Resources For Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom
For more information about Diversity and Inclusion, visit

Spartan Code of Honor

Student leaders have recognized the challenging task of discouraging plagiarism from the academic community.  The Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) introduced the Spartan Code of Honor academic pledge, focused on valuing academic integrity and honest work ethics at Michigan State University.  The pledge reads as follows:

"As a Spartan, I will strive to uphold values of the highest ethical standard.  I will practice honesty in my work, foster honesty in my peers, and take pride in knowing that honor is worth more than grades. I will carry these values beyond my time as a student at Michigan State University, continuing the endeavor to build personal integrity in all that I do."

Visit the Spartan Code of Honor website to take the pledge and learn how to publicly display your commitment to academic honesty with fellow Spartans. 


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