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Spartan Experience Record

A student’s educational experience is much more than their coursework alone. 


The Spartan Experience Record (SER) provides an opportunity for students to collect, document, and verify all of the experiences that shape their education, from research opportunities to leadership positions to on-campus employment.

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A student’s educational experience is much more than their coursework alone. The Spartan Experience Record (SER) documents the learning students acquire from out-of-classroom involvement — such as leadership programs, employment, research positions, and civic engagement opportunities — all in one, unified resource. These experiences are MSU-sponsored and verified, fall under multiple categories, and connect to MSU’s learning outcomes.


The mission of the SER is to recognize undergraduate student engagement and learning outside the classroom to support personal and professional development during their time at MSU and beyond. The goal is to better understand the co-curricular experiences of students to best support their out-of-class learning in partnership with the MSU community.


The SER provides students with the ability to outline all they’ve learned and discover new opportunities, officially documenting them in a format that can be requested through the Office of the Registrar. Students can use this verified information to enhance their resumes by highlighting the value of their co-curricular experiences.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit Experiences to be included in the SER, which supports analysis of engagement trends to build stronger, more well-rounded educational opportunities at MSU.