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University Advising

We encourage our students to become more proactive in seeking our advice on matters relating to their college career. Not only do we assist with academic issues, we also prevent academic mishaps and ensure a smooth transition to and throughout college life.

MSU University Advising is home to any student who begins at MSU interested in exploring majors (exploratory preference) as well as a resource for all students who seek additional academic exploration opportunities that reside within one of our 14 undergraduate colleges, with a strategic focus on first- and second-year explorers.

Find out more about University Advising and where you can find help. Visit resources for advising by college here.

Advisor Training and Development

The Advisor Training and Development website serves as a centralized hub for academic advisors, offering one location for ongoing training, professional growth opportunities, and a comprehensive calendar of advisor-focused events and programming. Explore opportunities for networking, avenues available to enhance knowledge and skills, and professional development initiatives.