During the 2014-15 Academic Year, the Neighborhoods launched the Spartan Success Coaching program.

During the 2014-15 Academic Year, the Neighborhoods launched the Spartan Success Coaching program. The Spartan Success Scholars Program provides individualized support for students to help ensure their success as they transition to MSU.  Like all Spartans, students who are coached can access free academic support services in the Neighborhoods. Coaches are high-achieving juniors and seniors, with specialized training providing them with “tools” they can use to support students who, just as the coaches did, face challenges as they transition to college.   Coaches help connect students to resources to help hit the mark. Thanks to Reggie Noto, Scotty Secrist, Christina Finley, and Genyne Royal, Spartan Success Scholars who wanted a coach were able to get the help they needed to be successful at MSU.

Students who participate in the Spartan Success coaching activities help their fellow students in a variety of ways such as easing the transition to college life and providing advice on the many topics that students have questions about.

“I really enjoyed being a coach in the program,” Michaela Roberts, advertising major and Spartan Success Coach, said.  “It was amazing to see students grow and have success in their first year at MSU. I know there are many challenges when you start college and it was great to know I could help make it a smoother transition.”  

Dillon Frechen, a recent MSU graduate, felt the program gave him the opportunity to give back to his fellow students.

“Participating in the program as a coach meant I had the opportunity to provide mentorship and resources to a student population that did not come to MSU with some of the same privileges I did,” Frechen said.  “For example, my parents went to college, as have most of my family members and friends. I had more than enough people to look up to and ask questions of with regard to filling out the FAFSA, applying for scholarships, and navigating a day in the life of a college student. Most of the students I worked with as a coach had none of those luxuries, and were taking on this new challenge alone without any sort of guidance. Having all of the support I did from family, friends, and faculty motivated me to give back by providing the same advice and guidance that was offered to me when I was a student.”

Roberts and Frechen offered some advice regarding why students should participant in the program.

“Aside from having someone older than you who can serve as a mentor and resource as you face new struggles, it is also a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends that will stay with you throughout college,” Frechen said.

“I think the program is an amazing opportunity to get to know other students as well as learn about all of the resources available on campus,” Roberts said. “It is a program that anyone could benefit from and I am excited to meet the students I will work with next year!”

To learn more about the program, contact the coordinator, Christina Finley at 517-884-8466 or via email at finleyc1@msu.edu.