by Ebony Green, Assistant Dean for University Advising


I want to say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome back to MSU over the past few weeks. I have begun meet and greets with the college’s university advising leads and/or administrative leadership. These meetings are designed to make a connection and hear more about how your colleges engage students. The University Advising team and APUE continues to focus on collaborative efforts that support any student who needs to explore their “interests” and better expose them to the various majors that those interests align with.

As a reminder the NSSC advisors have officially been reorganized into University Advising under APUE. University Advising is continuing our efforts to build a robust exploratory advising unit. We will have four new advisors joining us over the next six weeks. The team is reevaluating our onboarding program and seek to expand it to allow access for campus wide advisor onboarding. The onboarding structures we are targeting will cover first and second year student development, basic university systems training, and a series of advisor driven workshops. Stay tuned!

If you'd like to schedule a time to talk with me, free to contact Emily Fenneuff, University Advising Coordinator, at

I’m also happy to report that the University Advising Initiative website is in the final stages of going live.

Thank you all for your patience and grace as I navigate all these amazing communities. I look forward to learning and growing with everyone and watching our students find their joy in their Spartan experience.

Ebony Green

Assistant Dean for University Advising