As APUE’s Assistant Dean for University Advising, Dr. Green will be the most senior representative and primary point of contact for professional advising at MSU.

Dr. Ebony Green will begin her tenure as Assistant Dean for University Advising in late September in time for the annual Student Success Launch event. Dr. Green is an alumna of MSU, earning a B.A. in Telecommunication before earning a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Toledo and a Doctorate in Education Leadership and Policy Studies from Wayne State University. 

Dr. Green’s research focused on leadership development for professional undergraduate academic advisors, and she has nearly two decades of advising experience. Most recently, she served as Director of Academic Opportunities and Support for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan, and before that Assistant Dean of University Advising and Student Services at Ohio University. Green’s wealth of experience includes experience working at every member school of the University Research Corridor.

“Advising is a critical part of the higher education experience,” says Green. “We advisors have a responsibility to support, train, and motivate students as they take this very short moment in life to grow into the next version of themselves. As a proud Spartan myself I'm eager to share that your academic journey is only the foundation of an actual career path.”

 MSU continues to make major investments to provide the holistic and intrusive advising necessary for all students to learn, thrive, and graduate. As APUE’s Assistant Dean for University Advising, Dr. Green will be the most senior representative and primary point of contact for professional advising at MSU. She will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of MSU’s Advising Initiative in collaboration with University Advising Leadership and the established working groups. 

Dr. Green has consistently demonstrated a focus on students and advisors as colleagues and a mentoring approach to supervision, all of which are consistent with the model emerging for university advising with centralized resources infused into MSU’s decentralized system. 

According to Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education Mark Largent, Dr. Green’s deep knowledge of academic advising allowed her to articulate the relationship of advising to career and major exploration in a way consistent with MSU’s vision during her interview process, and she demonstrated a strong understanding of change management processes, the people involved with them, and a strategy for approaching work based on her own learning and experiences. Throughout the search process, Largent says, the search committee received a great deal of input from colleagues across campus that showed widespread appreciation for Dr. Green’s knowledge, experience, and potential to help lead advising efforts at MSU.

“I look forward to working with an advising team that is dedicated to serving students,” says Green. “I want students, parents and staff to understand that advising is a partnership and its success depends on each party being open to new opportunities to learn and thrive every day until graduation!” 

In addition to serving students, Green is excited to once again have the opportunity to return to her favorite place on campus: the MSU Dairy Store.

Prior to her arriving at MSU, Dr. Green can be reached here: