This email was sent to students on October 18, 2021. It is published here for reference.

Dear Spartans, 

Please click here to take the Spartan Voice Survey and make your voice heard for a chance to win a $75 gift card!* We had a great response to last month’s survey and awarded gift cards to five lucky students who completed the survey. We want to keep the conversation going. This month’s very short survey is open to all undergraduates at MSU and focuses on in-person and online classes.  As we begin creating the schedule for next year’s course offerings, we want to know from you how many in-person, online, and hybrid courses we should be offering next year.


We also wanted to share some data from the last survey and provide resources to assist with some of the challenges you identified last month. Below you’ll find a quick breakdown:

Based on students’ answers, we wanted to link you to some resources to help you success and prosper at MSU.


Time management workshops from the Collaborative Learning Center are a great way to optimize your schedule and find time to relax, as well. 


If you are in crisis, Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) at MSU provides 24/7 crisis phone counseling. To access, call CAPS anytime at 517-355-8270 and press “1” at the prompt. For more information and other options, please visit:


If you are not in crisis at the moment, but wish to schedule an initial consultation appointment with a CAPS counselor, you can do so anytime – day or night – by going to the CAPS website, here:


If you’re looking to make friends, one great way is through a Registered Student Organization (RSO). With almost 1,000 RSOs, the best way to discover student organizations and events to participate in is to check out Involve@State. It is the hub for all things student organizations and campus events! If you have any questions on how to use the platform or about a specific organization please do not hesitate to reach out at


There were 11% of you that said you were worried about paying for food or housing. Did you know that MSU has a campus food bank? All students enrolled for courses who do not have a meal plan are eligible for free food distribution.


We welcome your ideas for the questions we should ask in our next survey. To share your ideas, please contact Assistant Dean for Student Success Assessment and Strategic Initiatives Renata Opoczynski at


Go Green!


Mark Largent 

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education &

Dean of Undergraduate Studies


*If you do not want to take the survey but wish to be entered into the gift card giveaway, please mail your name and email to Renata Opoczynski at 426 Auditorium Road, room 312, East Lansing MI 48824. Any names received by October 22nd will be included in the drawing.