The new technology in classrooms is focused on presentational quality and interactivity.

As we transition many of our courses from in-person to online or hybrid/blended instruction, we have needed to transition classroom technology as well. Over the past few months, The Office of the Provost has brought together resources from around the university to help make teaching and attending classes at MSU this fall a great experience. 

The new technology in classrooms is focused on presentational quality and interactivity. 

Across campus, we have updated 225 of our lecture halls and classrooms to add audio and video streaming capabilities. These new capabilities are installed on the podium, tech cart, or mounted to the ceiling by projectors, depending on the size of the room. The new technology enables recording and live streaming for students who connect remotely. 

The university has installed wide-lens, high-definition cameras and echo-canceling hand-held and lavalier microphones in each of the rooms we have upgraded. 

MSU recognizes that new technologies require professional development.A video explaining the use of the new technology can be found here

Zoom is our official recommendation for use with these new classroom technologies because of its webinar features and related functions. For those who would like more training with Zoom, resources can be found at Keep Teaching and via Zoom

Finally, as we continue to rely more on technology to support instruction, the administration would like your feedback. MSU has developed a survey to help us foresee trends and patterns of faculty and student technology adoption so that we can better support the needs of faculty. It should only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Additional support on how to navigate software can be found below: