Scholarship awarded to students who demonstrated strong leadership and academic excellence in the high school classroom.

Michigan State University has announced this year’s winners of the Starr Scholarship, MSU’s largest privately-funded scholarship.

Each year, the Starr Charitable Foundation Scholarship presents a unique opportunity to high school seniors that reside in the state of Wyoming as well as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that are interested in attending Michigan State University.

Recipients of the scholarship are awarded the cost of eight semesters at MSU, including tuition, books, board, and incidental expenses as defined by the university.

Selection criteria include the ability to demonstrate both academic interests and achievement by maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 or better in core subjects, recognition through recommendations, demonstration of leadership traits, and demonstration of extraordinary skills, talents, curiosity, and character.

This year’s list of winners includes: Willard Bal, Andrew Brown, Cade Campbell, Sophie Delahaye, Jacob Dumais, Caleb Fraser, Lily Freel, Makenna Horricks, Bryan Jurado, Sydney Kuenzer, Lauren Kwarciany, Alexa Mazur, Adam Mazurek, Maezie Nettleton, Maren Nicolsaysen, Mataya Sipe, Roxzanne Sprowl, and Jeffrey Williams.

“This is an amazing opportunity for some of the next generation’s most promising students to become Spartans and enrich our campus. We are excited to welcome these amazing seniors to Michigan State,” said Korine Wawrzynski, assistant dean of Academic Initiatives and director of Undergraduate Research.

The Starr Scholarship is one way that Michigan State stays invested in the education of students from across Michigan’s vast landscape, which is a crucial part of its land-grant mission. In the process, this cohort of tomorrow’s leaders brings immeasurable value to the university in terms of intellect, character, and hope.