Study abroad experiences are a powerful and important way for students to gain needed academic, professional, and personal skills in today's world.
Specifically, a Freshman Seminar Abroad program can benefit students:
  • Academically by engaging them in small seminar classes designed to stimulate discussion and thought around interesting world topics, introduce them to MSU faculty and staff members, and develop their critical thinking, writing, and study skills;
  • Professionally by providing them with an opportunity to improve their understanding of global issues and enhance their experience living and learning in intercultural settings; and
  • Personally by offering them the opportunity to make new friends and "learn what college life is like" before actually coming to campus.

Past Freshman Seminar Abroad students say that the experience helped them clarify their academic and career goals, meet new people, and be more confident living and learning at MSU. Learn more here about a Freshman Seminar Abroad trip to Cuba. Join the increasing number of students who participate by applying today!

For more information, including a list of current programs and the application process, please visit the Office of Study Abroad website.