While the novel coronavirus and the shelter in place order have shifted how we do our work, it has not changed the importance of the work we do.

While the novel coronavirus and the shelter in place order have shifted how we do our work, it has not changed the importance of the work we do. We have been making decisions with a focus on three things: 1) the health and wellness of students, faculty, and staff; 2) asking what students are prioritizing as their needs; and 3) a commitment to not survey students about issues not directly related to their current situation and needs. With these three things in mind we have made a few changes to the strategic student success work this year. 

First, as I hope you all know, we had to cancel the Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Student Success.  We were thrilled with the number of proposals submitted and are disappointed that we will not gather to share the great work the campus community is doing around student success.  We remain committed to finding a way to share out the work from this year and are rethinking what the Student Success Launch (September 21st) can look like and involve to recognize the work from this year. 

Second, we have shifted the timelines for the Student Success Workgroups.  The Transfer Student Success workgroup will continue their work but on a slower and more deliberate timeline.  The Major Changes and Student Success Workgroup is currently pausing their work with the hope to pick it back up in June.  Many members of both of these groups are currently working around the clock to support students in their transition to remote learning, to shift to a binary grade reporting option, to support students in annual registration, and to begin to think about what it means to have a partially online summer NSO and summer courses. I appreciate all their work and support in these areas.  Once we have some more clarity around what the summer and fall will look like and once we feel comfortable engaging students on their needs beyond the immediate, we will pick the work back up.

There is a lot of uncertainty right now, but we can remain certain that we will continue to center the needs of our students in our work and strive to support and encourage them in these difficult times.  I hope remote work is going well for you all and as always, feel free to email Renata at opoczyns@msu.edu with any questions.