maia guenther and cindy ochoa

It’s no secret that students who work while in college (especially on campus) traditionally perform higher than their peers who don’t.
It’s no secret that students who work while in college (especially on campus) traditionally perform higher than their peers who don’t. There are over 17,000 student employee positions on campus and the Student Innovation Team, housed within The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, stands out amongst the crowd. With the majority of the work being rooted in experiential learning, these students have opportunities to collaborate with partners across campus. These student employees or Student Innovation Team members wear two hats. Aside from being involved in high-level discussions that impact the student experience on campus, they are students first and that comes with a host of responsibilities.

“Since Freshman year, I’ve consistently held 2-3 jobs while taking courses,” said Cindy Ochoa, Co-Team Lead and rising senior. “What has helped me out recently, in balancing my course load with my workload, is keeping my Google calendar updated along with improving the way I take notes in my classes based off of research into how medical students and doctors take notes, and adopting those same methodologies as it helps me retain information more.” As Co-Team Lead of the Student Innovation Team, Cindy serves as an advocate for other team members to make sure that they feel supported and empowered in knowing that their voice on campus matters just as much as faculty and staff members. Working alongside Cindy is Maia Guenther, the other Co-Team lead, who takes a bit of a different role on the team.

“My role on the team is to look at what has worked and what hasn’t while looking at which direction we want to go in as a team,” Maia Guenther, rising senior, said. “We’ve been doing a lot of work with different processes we want to use, how we will create a better team atmosphere as well as working on being more integrated with the Hub itself.” Currently, The Student Innovation Team is going through a phase of redesign as they recruit more students across campus for this fall semester. In the past, The Student Innovation Team hosted a roster of students in various disciplines on campus including Experience Architecture, Accounting and more.

As they move forward into the new semester, The Student Innovation Team hopes to become more engaged with Hub culture while working on ways to make the team more visible to students outside of The Hub. This position, coupled with the fact that they are also students, will surely prepare them for their future endeavors.  “It’s become a part of life,” Maia said. “Yes, it adds a lot more to my plate but I feel that working while in school is so beneficial to my life.”