Jada Flowers in a white shirt with grey pants and black heels.

Coming from the Six Mile and Meyers neighborhood in Detroit, Jada Flowers, a rising junior, has made quite the splash at Michigan State.

Coming from the Six Mile and Meyers neighborhood in Detroit, Jada Flowers, a rising junior, has made quite the splash at Michigan State. Whether she’s conducting research via MSU Ignite: Sparking Excellence in Advertising and Public Relations on building a pipeline program designed to attract and maintain diversity within the College of Communication Arts & Sciences or preparing to work with the TRiO Summer Excel Bridge program, Jada’s time is limited. What she does have a lot of time for, however, is Detroit M.A.D.E., a program that has had a profound impact on her college experience and life overall.

“Being in Detroit M.A.D.E. feels like getting the results of someone putting forth intentional work to make sure that you feel included, to make sure that your voice is being heard, to make sure you’re connecting to home,” Flowers said. “It feels like they really hit every aspect of the barriers to student success for Detroit students, and they actively work very hard to continue to recruit students and cultivate relationships within the program.”

Funded by the Gilbert Family Foundation, the Detroit M.A.D.E. Scholars Program is an initiative of the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative that provides support for students who are alum of Detroit public and charter schools that also reside in Detroit. Detroit M.A.D.E. offers support with the transition from high school to college, career development and interculturalism through study abroad and study away programs. “I would definitely attribute a lot of my achievements that I made this year to the study abroad trip to Canada that I took with Detroit M.A.D.E., Flowers said. “It lit a fire under me because these people see potential in me and they wanted me to see results.”

Jada’s study abroad trip to Canada inspired her to present at this year’s Learning Abroad Conference on behalf of Detroit M.A.D.E. with other scholars in the program and to study abroad again, this time in Mexico via International Engagement in Mexico. Currently, Jada serves as a student supervisor in University Advancement and trains a team of her peers on how to navigate IT systems related to donor tracking.  She was also recently selected as the Vice-President of On The Rise Entertainment, a student organization dedicated to providing community service in both the MSU and Lansing communities.

This summer, Jada will travel to Texas to learn more about graduate programs at the University of Texas at Austin, continue her role as a Resident Assistant for the summer sports camps in the residence halls, and become a support staff member for the TRiO Summer Excel Bridge program. In the future, Jada wants to start her own advertising agency where she gives back to the city of Detroit by employing the citizens and students of the city and, of course, giving back to Detroit M.A.D.E. “I would do anything to give back to Detroit M.A.D.E.,” Flowers said. “I know that after graduation, I can be someone for the current scholars to go to if they ever need guidance or mentorship.”