Sixteen high school students from Wyoming and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan pose with Sparty the mascot.

Sixteen high school seniors from rural areas of Wyoming and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan were awarded STARR Charitable Scholarships, which provide a full ride to MSU.

Sixteen high school students, all of which are from either the state of Wyoming or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, were each recently awarded a STARR Charitable Foundation Scholarship to attend Michigan State University.

The students from Wyoming are:  Dan Beaudrie of Cody, WY; Larissa Ford of Laramie, WY; Caroline Haile of Sheridan, WY, Maddy Hanks of Powell, WY, Sarah Holles of Laramie, WY; Gregory Marchal of Green River, WY; Patrick Marchal of Green River, WY, Hattie Pimentel of Powell, WY, Rhett Pimentel of Powell, WY, and Ryan Welch of Jackson, WY.

The students from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are: Amelia Cole of Marquette, MI, Casey Hansley of Iron Mountain, MI, Mary Massopust of Calumet, MI, Eli Pickard of Marquette, MI, Matthew Salo of Marquette, MI, and Griffin Zajkowski of Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

The STARR Charitable Foundation Scholarship pays all regular costs, including tuition, fees, books, room, board, and incidental expenses as defined by the university, for eight semesters at MSU, beginning with the fall semester each year.

An anonymous private donor established the STARR Charitable Foundation Scholarship to provide a unique education opportunity for multiple students from the State of Wyoming and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

“The donors were compelled to share all that they had gained from their time at MSU with students of high character in rural communities whose ability to secure a college education may be limited by their family resources,” R. Sekhar Chivukula, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, said. “We are grateful for the extraordinary generosity of these donors.  Private support such as theirs helps us to maintain our commitment to keeping our doors open to the best and brightest students.”

The donors stipulated that STARR scholars must demonstrate academic interest and achievement by attaining a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.  Additionally, the scholars must demonstrate distinguished personal character and leadership ability.

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