screenshot of the new neighborhoods website landing page

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Neighborhoods Student Success Collaborative website which includes an interactive resource page for students.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Neighborhoods Student Success Collaborative website, which includes an interactive resource page for students. This resource page is informed by, and builds on, student success inventories collected from our partners across campus over the last several years. We hope that students, families, and our student success partners will find this new site interactive and accessible as we help our students navigate all that MSU has available to support their success.

Communicating with students on a campus as large as MSU is quite challenging. This website is designed to help incoming students navigate the web of support services available to them within their residential Neighborhood and across the campus. The information provided is divided into critical areas for student success when they arrive on campus: academic support, sense of purpose and career, connecting with others similar and different from oneself, interacting across differences, fitness, healthy eating, relieving stress, counseling, financial aid, tutoring, and community connections.

Additionally, students can learn what is available at an engagement center in the community where they live or near where they attend class. They can also meet with an advisor and no-preference students, many of whom are not yet connected with a college, have access to important information related to academic policies.

Students can also go straight to the Academic Support page if they are interested in spaces to study, get assistance with courses, and work with their peers. They can also go to the resources page and search for the support they need the most from among over 100 programs provided on this site.

Sincere thanks goes to the NSSC Communications team members (Lauren Brown, Anthony McCray, Amanda Scharnweber, John Dowell, Scotty Secrist, Kristi Porrell, Robin Rennie, Sandie Eagan-Hill, Joy Hannibal, Stratton Lee, Aaron Tucker,  Stepheni Schlinker, Teal Amthor-Shaffer, and Blythe White) who have developed the infrastructure, content, and design of the website over the last two years.  The Red Head Design team captured the essence of our work through a visually pleasing and interactive platform. Also, thanks goes to graduate assistants Bradley Custer and Jianyang Mei for their work in organizing and checking in with colleges and campus units to update the student success and tutoring inventories.