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Frequently Asked Questions

General Program Questions

Lifelong education is a guest status at MSU for individuals who are seeking to take courses but not complete a degree program. We will enroll you as an LLE student for this program this summer, and if you chose to do so, we will help you transfer your LLE class to your undergraduate status in the fall.
Yes, even though you are coded as a guest, you are considered an MSU student with all the rights and responsibilities that come with that status.

The benefit most people consider for SES is the lower tuition cost associated with taking credits through this program; however, this program also offers many other “less tangible” values.

First, you can get started on pre-requisites and requirements, which will help you progress toward your degree more quickly. Sometimes, popular classes can fill up during the academic year, so this option can help you ensure that you get those classes.

Next, the program allows you to start college-level coursework during the summer when you might be able to focus more. Instead of taking four or five classes, you can concentrate on one or two. Taking classes this summer might also allow you to take fewer classes during the academic year without putting yourself behind.

Finally, for those of you wanting to investigate areas of interests, perhaps areas for a minor or an intended major, this program offers you a lower-cost way to explore.

Yes, you are welcome to apply if you choose, but there is no penalty or obligation to participate.

MSU’s software and hardware recommendations are available online.

Students’ computers should be able to play videos and have a microphone for class participation and assignments at times.

MSU will provide students with Zoom, Google, and other online tools.

Yes, but not guaranteed. Please contact the instructor for your class to arrange the Honors Option. You should contact the faculty member as soon as possible, no later than the first or second day of the class. You should also talk about the situation with your honors advisor over the summer.

If you are studying online from outside the U.S., you are eligible to apply for a Summer 2023 Health Insurance Exemption.

If you are studying online from inside the U.S., you are subject to MSU waiver requirements. If you are under a dependent (child) visa status like H-4 or L-2 and will be covered by your parents’ U.S. employer-based health insurance coverage, then you will be eligible to waive based on that kind of coverage:

  1. Email to request access to the waiver system based on US Employer insurance coverage.
  2. Once access is granted, apply online through the waiver system.
  3. If their waiver is not approved, contact OISS directly for a possible exception.

Course Selection Questions

We recommend that you meet with your academic advisor or review an SES college guide to determine the best courses for you to take. Each student has different needs based on any advanced credits, but you can also look at the courses required for your major on the webpage for your major.
The courses available to you are listed online. The full set of MSU classes are not available for this program.
You can plan that there is approximately 3-4 hours/week per credit. So, if you take a 4-credit class, you can expect to spend 12-16 hours each week on the coursework.
No, you may choose to take one or two classes, depending on your individual needs.
Students should plan to participate in only one of these special programs. Students on the FSA programs will be taking a 4-credit class in a two-week period, with a very full and structured schedule. You will not be able to complete assignments and exams at the times required by the SES class.

If you want to check to see if your previous course credits to test credits would satisfy a course prerequisite, please check online (see below) or email us.

Application Questions

Yes, you can view the application as a PDF before logging in; please do not login in to preview the application.

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until courses are full.

Applications with errors move down the list, and if we email you with questions, your application is held pending a response from you.

For most students, the application should only take a few minutes. If you are a first-year student with AP or dual-enrollment credit, it could take a bit longer to fill out those details.

Please make sure you fill out the application accurately, as if your application has missing or inaccurate information, it will delay processing.

To process your request and ensure that you get started off in the best way possible, the deadline for the program application is June 15, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

Watch your MSU email for a confirmation email.

Updates are available on the Accepted Student page, and you can see your enrollments online at

Please do not apply multiple times.

It depends when you decide to change, so please send us an email as soon as you decide.

You must make your request prior to the first day of classes. Changes are dependent on space available. Do not apply multiple times.

Know that some MSU instructors will be in contact with their students before the class starts or expect you to come to the first week with some basic tasks completed, so try to have your decision set when you apply and finalized by June 18, and make sure you monitor your MSU email.

It depends when you decide to drop, so please send us an email as soon as you decide.

The drop dates are listed in the student portal in the course list. Click on the section you are enrolled in for specific dates. For most classes, you will be able to drop the class and receive a refund until July 15, 2022. Refer to the MSU academic calendar and MSU drop policy.

If a specific course section does not meet its minimum enrollment (usually 15 students), then MSU might decide to cancel the section.

If this happens, we will contact you and help you enroll in another course.

No, please apply to the college sponsoring the program.

Several of the courses on the list are part of a specific college’s summer programming for its students (e.g., Honors College and Lyman Briggs). If you are admitted to one of these programs by the sponsoring unit, they will let the SES team know, and we will enroll you.

Financial/Billing Questions

Please see the Accepted Student Information page for information about billing.
MSU will bill you at a rate of $150 per credit, so if you take a 3-credit class that will cost $450.
No. You cannot use your academic year 2023-24 financial aid for this opportunity. If you have high financial need, please email us, as some assistance may be available.
The last day to drop a class with a full refund is July 17, 2023 by 8 p.m. Last day to drop the class with no grade reported is July 27, 2023 by 8 p.m.

You will receive an email reminding you to pay your bill a few days before it is due.

If you do not pay it on time, you will be charged a late fee and the deadline will be extended for about a week. You will receive an email informing you that the due date was missed, and it will provide you with the extended date.

If you do not pay the bill then, you will receive an email and letter in the mail.  If you still do not pay your bill, you will be dis-enrolled from the class.

If you are struggling to pay your bill, please reach out to the Student Accounts office at: (517) 355-3343, (800) 775-4323 or email

Post-Admission Course Questions

You DO need to complete the DEI training this summer.  Please be mindful of the due dates, as it can affect the status of your MSU account, including your ability to change your schedule. Completing the course now means you will not need to complete it in the Fall. For questions about DEI training, contact the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives

You DO NOT need to complete the RVSM training this summer; you will participate in the RVSM training this fall. Your summer enrollment status has automatically triggered the third-year student online RVSM training, but you do not need to do this version of the training. This fall you need to take the first-year student cohort for the training required by all MSU first-year students. MSU will send a notice in late-August with how to register for one of the RVSM  sessions that best fits your schedule. For questions about RSVM training, contact the Office of Prevention Outreach and Education

Some course instructors will email students before the class’s first day, and some will not. If you have not heard from your instructor by 5 p.m. on the first day of class, you should email them directly. If you do not hear from your instructor, you can also email the SES team.

You should also login to MSU course management system ( Many instructors post information about their course in D2L early. To login, use the link provided and submit your MSU netID and password.

Your instructor is the best person to ask about your books, and you can see if you instructor posted books for purchase by checking D2L or the Class Search function on your student portal. Sometimes, your instructor will tell you about books on the first day of class. Sometimes, online classes may not have a required book or will make the book available online.

If using the schedule page:

  1. Go to and login with your netID and password.
  2. Click on “Class Search” and select Summer 2022.
  3. In the class search fields, type in your course subject code (e.g., WRA) and course catalog number (e.g, 731).
  4. A list of sections for that course will appear; review the list and pick the appropriate section number (e.g., 231).
  5. When you click on your section of the course, a new window will appear called “Course Information.” Along the top of the window will be three boxes, and the last box is “Textbooks.”
  6. Click that link to see if your instructor has submitted information into the system. Just because nothing is posted does not mean that you have no readings. Make sure to ask via email or on the first day of class.

Often, your instructor may post your grade into D2L or send you an email.

If you do not get a notice from your instructor, you will need to wait until grades are officially posted by MSU. Grades are typically posted within five to seven days from the end of the course and can be viewed in your student portal.

If you do poorly in the class, you can decide to have the class and grade stay on your LLE record, which means it will not be part of your MSU undergraduate record and will not influence your GPA.

If you do decide to transfer the class, then the grade will influence your undergraduate GPA.

If you take two classes, you can decide to transfer one and not the other.

Please see the Accepted Student Information page for information about moving your courses. You will also receive an email.