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Accepted Student Information

Enrollment Information

Applicants are accepted in the order they are received and after review, enrolled in courses until the course section is full. The SES team will work with University Advisors to review your course selections. If the course(s) meet your goals, you are eligible to take the course(s), and the course is open, you will be enrolled. You will receive a confirmation email that you are enrolled, and you should be able to see your enrollments(s) on your MSU student portal.

If the SES team finds that you are not eligible for a course, the course does not meet your stated goals, or the course has filled when your application is submitted, they will send an email to your MSU email account asking you to revise your selection.  It will be important that you respond to this email by the requested date.  Once the new conditions are met, you will be enrolled in the course(s).

Please start checking your MSU email account regularly as correspondence about this program, billing, and other messages will come to that account.

Billing Information

After MSU enrolls you for your SES course(s), it will generate a charge to your MSU bill at a rate of $150 per credit the day after you are enrolled. All registration billing statements are only available electronically in your student portal; MSU does not mail paper bills. MSU will send an email to the student’s MSU email address when a new bill is produced. Students may authorize guests (i.e., guardians, parents, family, etc.) to also receive an email when a new bill is produced. Guests will be able to view and make electronic payments toward a student’s account.

Billing statement schedule:

  • Enrollment prior to June 10, 2024: Bill available on June 11 and due June 30.
  • Enrollment after June 10, 2024: Bill available on July 11 and due August 1.
The last date to drop a class with a full refund is Friday, July 12, 2024, by 8 p.m. Last day to drop the class with no grade reported is Wednesday, July 24, 2024, by 8 p.m.

If you have questions about your bill, you can call or email Student Account Services at: (517) 355-3343, (800) 775-4323, or email You can find more information on the Controller’s website.

If you have made an error or would like to withdraw from a class you can drop yourself or email the SES Team.

Course Communication

Communication between instructors and students varies from class to class, instructor to instructor. Some of your instructors will send you notices about class a week before it starts, and some instructors might not communicate with you until the first day of class.

Most of your classes will use Desire2Learn (D2L), MSU’s official course management system. Once enrolled, you could look online to see if your instructor has posted any information, but again, some instructors will not open class until the first day.

Please monitor your MSU email and check D2L in the days before class starts. If you do not hear from your instructor by the end of the first day of class, then we suggest you email them directly.


Your instructor is the best person to ask about your books, and you can see if your instructor posted books for purchase by checking D2L or the Class Search function on your student portal. Sometimes, your instructor will tell you about books on the first day of class. Sometimes, online classes may not have a required book or will make the book available online.

If using the schedule page:

  1. Go to and login with your netID and password.
  2. Click on “Class Search” and select Summer 2024.
  3. In the class search fields, type in your course subject code (e.g., WRA) and course catalog number (e.g., 101).
  4. A list of sections for that course will appear; review the list and pick the appropriate section number (e.g., 731).
  5. When you click on your section of the course, a new window will appear called “Course Information.” Along the top of the window will be three boxes, and the last box is “Textbooks”.
  6. Click that link to see if your instructor has submitted information into the system. Just because nothing is posted does not mean that you have no readings. Make sure to ask via email or on the first day of class.

Post Class

Now that you have completed your first course as an MSU student, you have the opportunity to have the course added to your undergraduate record at MSU.  The course(s) you took through SES are currently on your Lifelong Student record and do not count toward your MSU GPA or degree; however, you may move those courses and the grade to your MSU undergraduate record by completing this form. The course(s) will then count toward your undergraduate record and into your MSU GPA. The deadline to complete this form is October 20, 2024.

Note: If you do not complete the form, your MSU lifelong courses WILL NOT be moved to your undergraduate record. They will only be moved by completing the form.

Note: You MUST use your MSU NetId to complete the form. If you cannot log in it is likely because you are logged into your Google account rather your MSU account. Please logout of Google and login with your MSU credentials.

Please note the move of courses to your undergraduate record may take up to two weeks. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out