two students sitting in a library

I have spent the last few weeks talking with people, reaching out to folks engaged in this work already, and (luckily) hearing from others about how their work may connect to the workgroups.

Thank you to all who expressed interest in participating in the workgroups and project committees!  We have just started to create the workgroups and project committees so please don’t worry if you have not heard from us yet.  As I set out to create the workgroups I was committed to not duplicating efforts and to honoring the work that has already been or is currently being done by others in these areas.  Unfortunately, MSU does not have a central student success committee, office, or lead person so tracking all the great work on campus happening around student success is near impossible to do.  I have spent the last few weeks talking with people, reaching out to folks engaged in this work already, and (luckily) hearing from others about how their work may connect to the workgroups.  We have had to rethink some structures but I think the workgroups will be stronger for this work and more importantly, we won’t waste time duplicating efforts.

In recognition of the great work already occurring, I did want to update on the two initiatives we discussed as examples at the Student Success Launch. Dr. Genyne Royal discussed our partnership with Lansing Community College (LCC) called Envision Green.  This started as a small group of LCC and MSU administrators talking about how to work closer together and how to intentionally focus on students transferring from LCC to MSU.  These meetings developed the Envision Green program, which was launched this year.  Since the start of Fall, we have had two advisors who work out of LCC two days a week.  We have had an overwhelming response with such a demand for advising appointments that the advisors have had to add an additional day that they are at LCC.  As of mid November, the advisors have conducted 20 workshops for 153 students, and 123 advising appointment have been held or scheduled. We are thrilled with the response to this partnership and the tremendous support we have gotten from our LCC partners.  We hope that this is just the start to Envision Green and that we can expand on what we offer to LCC students as well as bring the program to other community college partners.

At the Student Success Launch Deb Dotterer also discussed the beginning of working on a major code called 5152.  This major code would be similar to exploratory preference but for advanced standing students, in particular for those who did not make it through a secondary admissions process. A subgroup of the University Advising Leadership group led by Deb Dotterer has taken the lead on exploring this option and has met several times already this semester. To date, they have identified parameters for the 5152 major, developed a plan for implementation of the major code for students who do not make it through secondary admissions, discussed the development of a short seminar that would be required for students in the major code, and collected data from peer institutions who have limited enrollment programs. They will continue to take the lead for the workgroup on projects related to students who do not make it through the secondary admissions process.