This is your life at Michigan State University. Don't just attend. Participate.

This is not a place you move to for four years (or so) while you wait for real life to begin. Where you simply take some classes, write some papers, pass some tests (maybe fail some, too), and get a degree.

No, this is where life happens. Where you have more opportunities in a seven-mile radius than you ever have again. Where you get an education that goes so far beyond the classroom, no four walls can hold it.

  • Start Right

    New to MSU? Let us help you get started. Click here for the basics: orientation, course registration, move-in info and more!

  • Be a Spartan

    Learn about the history of MSU and the values and traditions that define what it means to "Be a Spartan"

  • Connect

    Begin exploring your campus and the surrounding community by connecting with peers, faculty, staff, and community organizations.

  • Grow and Reflect

    Change is a part of the college transition. Use the many resources MSU offers new Spartans to grow, learn, and be successful.