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Each month I will update you on how the campus has taken your feedback from launch to make changes to improve student success at MSU.

At this year’s Student Success Launch I mentioned that we were trying to embrace launch as an event that truly launches year long student success initiatives and where we connect with partners on campus throughout the process. A key part of that is communication and transparency. This monthly update in the student success newsletter, which we have named “Taking the Initiative,” is one step in that direction. Each month I will update you on how the campus has taken your feedback from the Student Success Launch to make changes focused on improving student success at MSU. This month’s update focuses on how we plan to move the two strategic initiatives identified at the Student Success Launch (transfer student success and major change process) forward over the next 10 months. 

At the Student Success Launch, you all brainstormed various barriers students face within these two strategic initiative areas, as well as ideas for overcoming these barriers and general ideas for improving student success within these strategic initiatives.  These lists will become the overall structural framework for our effort over the rest of the academic year. We will spend the next 10 months engaged in deep work around these issues through two workgroups, one for each topic.  These workgroups will be tasked with conducting benchmarking and institutional data analysis, engaging in brainstorming and design thinking experiences to identify ways to improve the campus experience for students, identifying ways to implement the proposed changes and creating a report for policy decisions. They will regularly report out to key institutional stakeholders and through this newsletter.  These projects are multifaceted initiatives and in order to make significant headway in a limited amount of time, we will create an aggressive timeline and ask members to engage in this work for 5-10 hours a month outside of the monthly 2 hour workgroup meetings.  We know this is a big ask, and we appreciate those who are willing to engage in this work with us this year. If you are not able to dedicate the time needed, there will be other opportunities to participate during the year including working on projects and providing feedback.

Several key stakeholders for these workgroups were identified at the Student Success Launch, and we will be reaching out to invite many of them to participate in the workgroups over the next two weeks. However, we have a strong commitment for this to be an inclusive process with diverse stakeholders and perspectives present on the workgroups. Therefore, we are hoping that anyone interested in participating would self nominate here. We encourage folks from all areas of campus and from any level of the institution to nominate themselves. All we ask is that you are passionate about improving student success, able to commit the time needed, and willing to commit to a “yes, and” mentality and outside the box thinking. 

If you have any questions related to the strategic initiatives or the workgroups, feel free to email Renata at