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Retention Managers

To make MSU more capable of graduating every student we admit, we must intentionally create policies, practices, programs, and supports in a retention and student focused manner to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn, thrive, belong, and graduate.

Retention is a holistic and campus wide pursuit, which is why the Office of Undergraduate Education hired two Strategic Retention Managers in 2022 who are approaching retention with a multidisciplinary, whole-student paradigm.

MSU’s strategic retention managers report to the assistant dean for Student Success Access and Strategic Initiatives. In these roles, managers work to identify and remove barriers to student retention at the policy, institutional, and direct student support levels to meet MSU’s strategic goal of an 86% graduation rate with no opportunity gaps by 2030.

To learn more about these roles and the work in retention, please reach out to Strategic Retention Managers Justin St. Charles at or Christina Bridges at