Our values are a product of our history. MSU has always stood for excellence in innovation and education, responsibility to the community, and investment in the needs of others. As Spartans, we are proud of that commitment and have, in some cases, broadened it. The following are key Spartan values:


In every arena -- academically, socially, interpersonally -- Spartans act with integrity. Spartans recognize the value of intellectual work, represent themselves honestly, and prove their trustworthiness in their interactions.

Excellence in Education

MSU remains committed to educating students of all backgrounds from across Michigan and around the world. Undergraduates benefit from MSU’s focus on student learning including: committed faculty, diverse learning opportunities, and integrated academic studies.

Innovation in Research

MSU is recognized as a leading research institution. Spartans pursue innovation, refine theories, inform practice, and work to address the needs of the community, state, and world.

Service to Community

Continuing the land-grant tradition, MSU remains committed to the local community and the state of Michigan. Spartans engage with the community and find ways to serve.

Leadership in Global Issues

MSU continues to be a leader in international partnerships and study abroad programs. Faculty conduct research and developing partnerships around the world. Students study on every continent. Spartans from more than 130 countries whose presence enriches the campus community with their global perspectives.

For more information about MSU's values read MSU President LouAnn K. Simon's Statement on Core Values, the MSU Mission Statement and the World Grant Ideal.