The mission of the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC), formerly known as the Undergraduate University Division (UUD), is to help undergraduate students achieve their academic goals at MSU.
Dr. Genyne Royal, Interim Director

Mission Statement

The mission of the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC) is to help undergraduate students achieve their academic goals at Michigan State University. Our motto is "Achieving success through academic progress." We believe it is important to empower each student with the knowledge, resources and skills that will lead to academic success and a lifelong desire to learn inside and outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore and investigate areas of interest as well as engage in self-discovery to determine the most suitable academic major. Our efforts are intended to promote self-sufficiency, self-responsibility and self-development which will enable students to achieve academic, career and life goals long after their days on the MSU campus have passed.

Who We Are

The Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC) provides services through its five Neighborhood Engagement Centers, Student Academic Affairs Offices, Dow STEM Scholars Program, and the Learning Resources Center.  

NSSC enrolls and is administratively responsible for all freshman and sophomores, except those in Lyman Briggs College, James Madison College, and the Residential College in Arts and Humanities.  Students remain in the NSSC until they attain junior standing (56 credits) or are accepted into a degree-granting college.  Freshman and sophomores without a major preference (no preference/undeclared students) are advised by Neighborhood Advisors.  Freshmen and sophomores with major preferences can be advised by the departments and colleges they plan to enter as juniors by the Neighborhood Advisors.

Neighborhood academic advisors are housed in all five of the Neighborhood Engagement Centers.
East Neighborhood Engagement Center:  C130 Hubbard Hall -- 884-3501
Brody Neighborhood Engagement Center:  160 Brody Hall -- 884-6670
South Neighborhood Engagement Center:  Holden Hall -- 884-6680
River Trail Neighborhood Engagement Center:  C101 McDonel Hall -- 884-4080
North Neighborhood Engagement Center:  Union Building -- 884-4050

Student Academic Affairs (SAA) works closely with all colleges and academic support units across campus. We are committed to preparing academically successful scholars and leaders, increasing the retention rate of freshmen and sophomores, and assisting students with the major selection process.

SAA Academic Advisors Can

  • help students with adjusting to university life
  • assist with the process of choosing a major compatible with a student's interests and abilities
  • facilitate and support academic skill building

What We Do

  • Assistant Dean's administrative functions (withdrawals, late drops, readmissions, etc.)
  • Explain academic policies and procedures
  • Explain university requirements
  • Major selection and Career advising
  • Specialization and Minors advising
  • Enrollment Conferences
  • Academic Probation monitoring
  • Collaborate with Colleges, Student Affairs and other academic support units to facilitate the academic success of students

The NSSC has prepared an advising syllabus explaining advisor and student responsibilities. It also provides suggestions for students as they work toward completion of their college education.

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