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June 26, 2023

University Advising update: June

by Ebony Green, assistant dean for University Advising

Portrait photo of Ebony GreenI’ve recently celebrated my nine-month anniversary in this role, and it has been an amazing journey. Like our new students, I’ve been navigating my way through our many systems and different practices. It has truly helped me identify spaces where I would recommend standardization and compliment the units that have uniquely designed practices that enhance the student experience.

We are halfway through our New Student Orientation season, and although things have continued to morph and change, MSU advisors have thrived, ensuring our newest Spartans are connected and engaged! I am proud of the many administrators who encouraged their teams to take breaks even during busy times to make sure everyone was able to serve at their highest point. For those who haven’t been able to take a break, I sincerely hope you plan one soon.

University Advising has been working to create and encompass a new mission while continuing to expand our team. I am happy to announce the hiring of Justin Landis (Lead Academic Advisor Eastern Michigan University) and the promotion of Freddie DeRamus (Exploratory and Envision Green Advisor) to associate directors for University Advising. They will round out our dynamic leadership team which includes Debra Thornton, charlie liu, Beth Judge, Dr. Qiana Green and Jonelle Golding. We are still actively seeking academic advisors and plan to welcome a new cohort in August.

Thank you all for all you have done and the support you continue to give our students!