You chose to become a Spartan for all sorts of reasons—to grow, to learn, to find your passion, to forge a career, to make a difference. The MSU community is built on a strong foundation of goals and outcomes designed so that future Spartan alumni are prepared to face the challenges of our ever-changing world. The principles that form this foundation are called the Undergraduate Learning Goals and they connect the diverse array of campus opportunities to one purpose: graduating Spartans who advance knowledge and transform lives.

Analytical Thinking

Spartans know how to think through tough problems, use evidence, and develop solutions. You will use what you learn about mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts to access information and critically analyze complex material in order to evaluate evidence, construct reasoned arguments, and communicate inferences and conclusions, applying what you learn both in and out of class.

MSU Anthropology students got their hands dirty participating in an on-campus Archaeological Field School, where they excavated the site of Saint's Rest, one of MSU's first buildings. Here, you can see students taking skills, techniques and history learned in class and putting them into practice.

Cultural Understanding

Spartans understand global and cultural diversity within historical, artistic, and societal contexts and its importance in our increasingly interconnected world. You will learn to deepen your understanding of global and cultural diversity by interacting with others in and outside our diverse campus community and reflecting on your own culture and that of others.

Meet Nick and Monica - MSU graduates who participated in study abroad opportunities that changed their lives and their understanding of the world. Approximately 30 percent of graduating Spartan seniors have studied abroad, an opportunity that represents one of many ways to gain an understanding of cultural diversity.

Effective Citizenship

Spartans engage as members of local, national and global communities and emerge as leaders in many settings. You will learn to be an effective citizen by engaging in opportunities for involvement both inside and outside the classroom.

Learn how MSU students are leading the way to green living on MSU's student-run organic farm.

Effective Communication

Spartans communicate to diverse audiences using speech, writing, debate, art, music, and other media. You will learn how to communicate effectively through your interactions with peers, faculty, staff, and community members at MSU, your coursework, and your reflection on how you’ve changed as you progress toward graduation.

As a senior Fashion major at MSU, Jillian Granz learned about sustainable design and its potential to make an impact on the fashion industry. Jillian's classes at MSU gave her the tools to communicate her beliefs about sustainable design, which she used to enter (and win!) a contest called Red Carpet, Green Dress.

Integrated Reasoning

Spartans apply discipline-based knowledge when making informed decisions that reflect their humane, social, ethical, and aesthetic values, beliefs, and personal ethics. You will learn to make decisions through integrated reasoning by observing the example set by your fellow Spartans — faculty, professional staff, your peers and student leaders, and our 500,000 Spartan alumni — who are advancing knowledge and transforming lives in innumerable ways.  MSU provides you with the space and support to make decisions learn from them and use them to inform your values.

At MSU's annual College of Engineering Design Day, students showcase what they've learned and created as a result of their coursework. Taking knowledge from class and transforming it into a final product helps prepare students for graduate school and careers.

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