Seize the moment. Go Green. Go 15.
            Have the completion conversation with your advisor

Aim for an average of 15 credits per semester, complete 30 credits in your first year, and set the pace to graduate in 4 years!

Attempting 15 credits each semester creates higher rates of credit momentum, which strongly correlates to higher levels of student academic success. Spartan undergraduates who set this pace early on set the precedent for the following year (and the next year, and the next).

Start Stronger. End Stronger

What are the benefits of credit momentum? For 15-credit kickstarters, they extend beyond your in-class performance!

  • The majority of students taking 15 credits or more per semester earn higher GPAs.
  • Setting the pace to graduate in 4 years reduces your time to degree and could save you up to $50,000 in cost of attendance.
  • Free up time during your college career to do things like study abroad, extracurricular activities, and internships.
  • Have the flexibility to drop a class that isn't working out, while still remaining a full-time student (which is a factor in your eligibility for financial aid).

You got this

Do the thirty work! It’s important that students keep the ball enrolling and work with their advisor to create credit momentum each academic year, not just during their first year at MSU. For upperclassmen, it is never too late to talk to an advisor about credit momentum!

30 credits, no sweat

One summer here means fewer winters here! Summer counts, and students are encouraged to ask their advisors about taking summer courses in order to complete 30 credits a year.

Have the completion conversation with your advisor

Your advisor can help you explore the right class schedule and credit momentum pathway for you. It's never too early or too late to have the degree completion conversation!

Incoming MSU students can start exploring pathways for credit momentum with their advisors during enrollment, which takes place at their Academic Orientation Program (AOP).

Current MSU students should schedule appointments with their advisors.

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